Day: July 19, 2022

Are you in?

Are you in aims to unite academia to make change happen. It was initiated by Emerald Publishing and sparked by a recognition that real change in academia can only happen when we join up and commit to working together. We’re asking people to join us in working towards a fairer, more equitable environment where research can have a real-world impact and those within it can reach their full potential. We outline six commitments where we can work together for change as part of this.

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Responsible Management

Responsible Management is one of Emerald’s 4 goals areas designed to promote research leading to a more ethical, responsible, and sustainable ways of working. Our commitment to the SDGs is showcased via our theme-based missions focussing on key interdisciplinary topics for decent work for all. We use a broad array of outputs to reach a wider audience beyond academia and are committed to make research open to all as illustrated by our innovative Open Research platform with its 6 gateways.

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