i-manager’s Journal of Educational Technology

i-manager’s Journal of Educational Technology has been satiating the reader’s quest to sense the role of technology in education effectively, and puts forth the insight of international authors in education technology and bestows a global outlook to the readers. It renders the most modern trends and researches in Higher education to stay current with the new trends and thus to structure a vital and valuable academia.

Type of project: Research
Sector: Education
Lead organization: i-manager Publications
Link: https://imanagerpublications.com/journalsfulldetails/6/JournalofEducationalTechnology
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFArjTeV0bPRDgR8huJ5V9g

Relevant SDG’s

IPA SDG – Goal No 4 – Quality EducationIPA SDG – Goal No 10 – Reduced inequalities