Day: December 12, 2022

Carbon Label Prototype

The carbon-label project, the first output from the Publishing 2030 Accelerator, fast-tracked established carbon calculators and combined this with a customized web page for a particular book, that gives users a glimpse into how carbon labels and reporting might look like for book production. Now, this is only a prototype. Far more work is needed to make this a reality, and the Accelerator group are now working on new pilots for 2023.

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Carbon Calculator

The Publishers Association (UK) has launched its bespoke Carbon Calculator, part of a suite of tools, designed to support its members in acting on the Publishing Declares pledge. The tool will allow members to monitor their carbon outputs across various aspects of their business, including different sites. Members will be able to use the Carbon Calculator to review how they are performing from a sustainability perspective. Over time, with further data, publishers will be able to be benchmark

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