Infographic about the book Lifecycle

Santillana has created an educational infographic, included in all its printed books, which explains the product lifecycle, a process in which sustainability is a constant priority for the company: since the beginning of the product chain, with the purchase of certified paper, until the end of its lifecycle, with an invitation to recycle. Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, that is why Santillana encourages the reader to be part of the process.

#VoyaSer. Creating opportunities through education

#VoyaSer is a project boosted by Santillana and Fundación Entreculturas – Fe y Alegría. It supports girls at risk of exclusión, with the purpose of helping them complete secondary education and, therefore, giving them better future opportunities. To accomplish that, #VoyaSer offers comprehensive care, which includes training in digital skills and emotional intelligence and pedagogical support and mentoring, provided by the company’s employees. It is being
developed in Guatemala and Perú.

Training in ESG matters for teachers

Fundación Santillana and Santillana are promoting training courses about education and ESG matters for teachers and other professionals of education, which are available in Fundación Santillana website. The first of them, ‘Education for Sustainable Development’, has been developed to address the issue of the 2030 Agenda and guide teaching practice. It includes information about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and highlighs their progress in Latin America.

‘Escuelas Sostenibles’ award

‘Escuelas Sostenibles’ Award is an initiative of Santillana, OEI and Fundación Santillana that aims to identify, recognize and make visible the educational centers most committed to sustainability. It consists of a first national stage and a second international stage. The ultimate goal is to share good practices and inspire other schools, so that they can incorporate good practices in ESG matters. Currently, it is developed in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

Sustainable Development Goals Book Club for Children of Ukraine

The “Sustainable Development Goals Book Club for Children of Ukraine” project is a public initiative of Olena Ivanchenko as part of the UN SDG Book Club project in cooperation with Ranok publishing house and CF Ranok-Ukraine which aims to regularly acquaint children with books in their native language on the topics of the 17 Global Goals.
It aims to help libraries and communities create their own SDG Book Clubs with support from SDG-implementing organizations in Ukraine.

Blue-White Dot Short Story Writing Competition

The Blue-White Dot Short Story Writing Competition by Sunway University Press is a competition aimed at encouraging creative exploration of global challenges. The resulting anthology, ‘The Pathbreakers,’ showcases diverse narratives addressing specific SDGs—environmental conservation, gender equality, education, and poverty alleviation. This literary initiative transforms storytelling into a dynamic tool for advocacy and change, making the SDGs relatable and accessible to diverse readers.

SDG Roadmap Level 1

STM, the leading voice for academic publishers, has created a roadmap that contains suggested concrete steps for all publishers, both big and small. From those just at the start of their journey, to others who already advanced and looking to accelerate. Design to inspire and support, it will equip colleagues across our sector by matching the practical steps with a dedicated toolkit of resources and examples to get everyone to take action towards achieving the SDGs today. 

SDG Book club Netherlands local chapter

The SDG Book club, an annotated reading list of children’s books, plays a vital role in inspiring children, aged 6-12, to embrace and take action on the principles behind the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In the Netherlands, a local chapter of the UN and IPA SDG Book club has just launched. The project of a collaboration between NDB-Biblion/Skillsdojo, GAU (Groep Algemene Uitgevers), and the IPA (International Publishers Association).

Connecting Research With Practice: Emerging Trends and Recommended Actions

Our urgent sustainability challenges demand changes in research paper protocols. To encourage practical applications of your research, abstracts can highlight implications for practitioners and policymakers while referring to specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Publishers Compact Fellows have released some top action tips for authors and researchers to assist in responding to these emerging trends.

Quality Education for All

Quality Education for All is one of the four Emerald goals areas designed to support and promote research aligned predominantly with the SDG4. One commitment to the SDGs is with our quarterly theme-based missions focussing on one aspect of these interconnected global issues. We use a broad array of outputs to reach a wider audience and go beyond academia. We are also committed to making research as fair and accessible as possible via our innovative Emerald Open Research platform, aligned to SDGs