‘Escuelas Sostenibles’ award

‘Escuelas Sostenibles’ Award is an initiative of Santillana, OEI and Fundación Santillana that aims to identify, recognize and make visible the educational centers most committed to sustainability. It consists of a first national stage and a second international stage. The ultimate goal is to share good practices and inspire other schools, so that they can incorporate good practices in ESG matters. Currently, it is developed in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

Type of project: Best practice
Sector: Education
Lead organization: SANTILLANA
Link: https://premioescuelassostenibles.com
Video link: https://youtu.be/6GSh2XvM-OE?si=6tjCKyMCiKOMZ9rI

Relevant SDG’s

IPA SDG – Goal No 4 – Quality EducationIPA SDG – Goal No 17 – Partnerships for the Goals