Connecting Research With Practice: Emerging Trends and Recommended Actions

Our urgent sustainability challenges demand changes in research paper protocols. To encourage practical applications of your research, abstracts can highlight implications for practitioners and policymakers while referring to specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Publishers Compact Fellows have released some top action tips for authors and researchers to assist in responding to these emerging trends.

WIREs Climate Change

WIREs Climate Change serves as an encyclopedic reference for climate change scholarship and research. It offers a unique platform for exploring current and emerging knowledge across a broad range of disciplines that contribute to our understanding of climate change. It also provides a forum for perspectives about how climate change is understood, analyzed and contested around the world.

Special Collections on United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: Research That Builds Our Future

As a signatory to the United Nations SDG Publishers Compact, Wiley is committed to championing the SDGs and sharing the published research that will help inform, develop, and inspire action in advancement of the goals. This set of collections highlights some of the research that plays such a crucial role in helping us understand, reflect, and question the roles we play, and the action needed to help move the world towards a more sustainable and resilient path.


MDPI’s SDG Hub provides thousands of recent open–access content on SDGs in the form of scientific articles and books.

Healthier Lives

Healthier Lives is one of four Emerald goal areas designed to support and promote research aligned with SDG3. The Healthier Lives agenda principally takes the form of quarterly mission campaigns. Concurrently, the Emerald Open Research Gateway for Healthier Lives –a platform for fast author-led publication and open peer review – focuses on promoting good physical and mental health, and bridging the gaps between research, policy and practice to achieve healthier lives for all.

Are you in?

Are you in aims to unite academia to make change happen. It was initiated by Emerald Publishing and sparked by a recognition that real change in academia can only happen when we join up and commit to working together. We’re asking people to join us in working towards a fairer, more equitable environment where research can have a real-world impact and those within it can reach their full potential. We outline six commitments where we can work together for change as part of this.

Quality Education for All

Quality Education for All is one of the four Emerald goals areas designed to support and promote research aligned predominantly with the SDG4. One commitment to the SDGs is with our quarterly theme-based missions focussing on one aspect of these interconnected global issues. We use a broad array of outputs to reach a wider audience and go beyond academia. We are also committed to making research as fair and accessible as possible via our innovative Emerald Open Research platform, aligned to SDGs

Top Action Tips for Academic Publishers, Editors and Reviewers

This list of top recommended actions, called “Top Action Tips for Academic Publishers, Editors and Reviewers” provides easy actions that help contribute to a sustainable future. By making simple adjustments, publishers, journal editors, researchers and reviewers can create stronger positive impacts for the sustainable development goals. Multiple publishers provided input into this list and it was written by the SDG Publishers Compact Fellows.

Top Action Tips for Connecting Researchers and Practitioners

Research alone will not make the SDGs reality. Each member of the scholarly community must put research results in the hands of practitioners. Researchers should also formulate their research agenda based on the needs of practitioners. This list provides easy-to-use ideas to encourage these connections and the resulting positive impacts. Multiple publishers provided input and the list was written by the SDG Publishers Compact Fellows.