VentiTrenta is a free online magazine for girls and boys which aims to present the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in a clear and accessible way, through world news and stories about real people fighting for the planet and the rights of all human beings.
This is the challenge: how to reflect on the great problems of today and on the prospects for the future in an age-appropriate way.

Climate Research in Action

Climate Research in Action is a campaign to highlight the importance of research in identifying climate solutions. It’s hosted on a dedicated microsite and includes a brand new compilation of the most important research articles related to climate from across the Nature Portfolio, specially created for COP26. It also features The Ozone Story: a timeline of how science inspired the Montreal Protocol in 1987 after the discovery of a hole in the ozone layer – first published in Nature in 1985.

World’s first climate positive publisher

SRL Publishing is the world’s first climate positive publisher, supporting projects which have the highest verification standards around the world, and also planting trees to replace the number of trees used for their products.

The Sustainable Development Goals Programme SDG13 Hub: Climate Action

The impacts of human-caused climate change and global heating are all around us in every aspect of our planetary habitat and its natural systems. Adaptation, a key target of SDG13, requires an understanding of the diverse impacts of climate change and demands responsiveness from all parts of society. Here we highlight publications and content from across our imprints and formats which aim to address some of these challenges.

Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative

In a cross industry collaboration this new platform is a new initiative to help broaden the discovery and understanding of climate change research — and accelerate its application towards a sustainable future. Research articles have been summarized into layperson articles and available free for everyone to explore the research stories or try searching for topics such as rising sea level, carbon offset, environmental campaigning or pollution.

PRISME (book packages bundling platform)

The French Book Chain uses a single logistics platform called Prisme where all the packages of books to be delivered to bookstores out of Paris, Belgium and in Luxembourg are gathered and sorted out. This allows bundling the flows of books to bookstores as well as returns, as therefore lowering shipping fees and contributing to a cleaner environment. It is currently used by 350 publishers/ distributors and 2500 booskellers.

Online “The Green Book Imprint” Sustainability Conference

During this special online conference, the topic “Together for sustainability in the book and media industry” was examined from different perspectives in order to discuss existing and new approaches. The program with keynotes, panel discussions and practical sessions were curated together with the editors of Börsenblatt, MVB’s trade magazine, and aimed at everyone who wants to help the book and media industry become more sustainable.

Responsible Sourcing of Printed Material: Guidelines for The Green Book Trade

In 2016, the Norwegian Publishers Association began to work on the topic “The green book trade.” Their goal has been to make it easier for publishers to choose their suppliers based on an internationally recognised set of criteria and guidelines. They developped a guide to the sustainable procurement of paper, an introduction on to procurement policies, a list of tools and measures to prevent the use of controversially sourced paper, and a system for rating individual books and paper quality.

Book Chain Project

The Book Chain Project, since 2016 has aimed to build better supply chains for books and help publishers make informed buying decisions. The Component Chemical Screening program, for instance, enables print suppliers to submit exact chemical breakdowns of each book component that can then be screened and flagged to publishers in order to substitute any components of concern.

Climate Neutral Publisher Logo (

The Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, including publishing houses Droemer Knaur, Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Rowohlt, S. Fisher and Argon, announced in the beginning of March 2020 that they are labelling their new books with a new green logo on climate neutrality, referring to the (climatneutralpubliser), and committing to climate neutral production and transparency in climate communication.