Technical Seminar on National Book and Reading Policies (NBRP)

This jointly organised technical seminar on National Book and Reading Policies (NBRP) in Africa was intended to support quality education through sustained and improved literacy for the benefit of African people and national development. The seminar took place in December 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda. The six participating anglophone countries were Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda. Participants were guided through the process of developing national book and reading policies.

Springer Nature’s Sustainable Development Goals Programme

The Springer Nature China New Development Awards were announced in 2019. This award recognises the contribution of Chinese research to international sustainable development, which is significant as China has one of the world’s fastest growing volume of scientific and scholarly research globally. 10 Chinese authors received the award in recognition for their research into areas such as climate change, economic development, eco-development and green intelligent transportation systems.

Accessible Books Consortium (ABC)

In June 2014, the Accessible Books Consortium was launched in order to boost the number of books in accessible formats for people around the globe who are blind, visually impaired, or otherwise print disabled. The ABC also encourages publishers to commit to accessible publishing, adopt accessibility features within their publishing processes, and include descriptions of the accessibility features of their products in the information they provide to others in the book supply chain.

Read The World

“Read The World” was launched as a response to the isolation imposed on children and young people during the coronavirus pandemic. The initiative provided a platform for much-loved children’s authors to read extracts of their books and promote the benefits of reading to younger generations.