Quentin Bryce Award

In 2020, UQP launched the UQP Quentin Bryce Award, which is conferred on a new title that celebrates women’s lives and/or promotes gender equality. The inaugural winner was Mununjali writer Ellen van Neerven for their poetry collection Throat, followed by Sarah Walker’s timely and brave essay collection, The First Time I Thought I Was Dying, in 2021, and Mirandi Riwoe’s short story collection about marginalised women, The Burnished Sun, in 2022.

Type of project: Other
Sector: Trade, Education
Lead organization: University of Queensland Press (UQP)
Link: https://www.uqp.com.au/blog/uqp-announces-the-quentin-bryce-award
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Relevant SDG’s

IPA SDG – Goal No 5 – Gender Equality