Connecting Research With Practice: Emerging Trends and Recommended Actions

Our urgent sustainability challenges demand changes in research paper protocols. To encourage practical applications of your research, abstracts can highlight implications for practitioners and policymakers while referring to specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Publishers Compact Fellows have released some top action tips for authors and researchers to assist in responding to these emerging trends.

Global Challenges

Global Challenges is an open access peer-reviewed research journal committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals via the publication of high-quality studies relating to the most pressing societal challenges, including climate change, water and food safety, energy generation and distribution, global health, and sustainability. The journal aims at linking scientific research to social issues and economic policy.

Special Collections on United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: Research That Builds Our Future

As a signatory to the United Nations SDG Publishers Compact, Wiley is committed to championing the SDGs and sharing the published research that will help inform, develop, and inspire action in advancement of the goals. This set of collections highlights some of the research that plays such a crucial role in helping us understand, reflect, and question the roles we play, and the action needed to help move the world towards a more sustainable and resilient path.

SDG Publishers Compact Fellows Program

The Higher Education Sustainability Initiative SDG Publisher Compact Fellows is a joint initiative from multiple UN & higher education agencies across the academic publishing sector (eg., publishers, librarians, academics). We work to create important outcomes for the academic international community through integrating SDGs in educational materials, translating SDGs into practice (connecting researchers & practitioners), redefining impact of SDGs, and changing the culture in Higher Education.

Public Health Challenges

Public Health Challenges is an open access, multidisciplinary journal addressing all areas of public health research, policy, and practice. With a truly global scope, we provide a platform to facilitate knowledge of urgent public health matters and their understanding and solutions. We welcome high quality research representing the full spectrum of global public health and publish all works in the open access format freely available and accessible to the international public health community

R Discovery SDG Collection

It is a key goal for institutions and for publishers to be able to quantify how much of their published research relates to one or more of the SDGs. R Discovery SDG Collection is the first free resource of its kind to curate content from hundreds of publishers, thousands of journals, over 96 million articles and organize it based on the relevant SDG goal.

The Sustainable Development Goals Programme SDG17 Hub: Partnerships for the Goals

Interconnected systems need to take account of different regional and local contexts and the need for equitable solutions. That’s why SDG17 is a focus for Springer Nature; working in partnership with others to accelerate delivery of the goals by connecting researchers, policymakers and practitioners through targeted events and via new content formats. This hubs showcases our participation in collaborative networks, tool kits for researchers to track the societal impact of their work and more.


As part of their PROSE award, the Association of American Publishers donates hundreds
of copies of books, written by award nominees, to colleges and universities. Up to 400
academic and professional books are given to various colleges and universities following
the announcement of the annual PROSE award winners.


The goal of Research4Life is to reduce the knowledge gap between high-income countries and low- and middle-income countries. Since 2002, the five programmes have provided researchers in low- and middle-income countries with free or low-cost online access to leading journals and books in the fields of health, agriculture, environment, applied sciences and law.