World’s first climate positive publisher

SRL Publishing is the world’s first climate positive publisher, supporting projects which have the highest verification standards around the world, and also planting trees to replace the number of trees used for their products.

The Sustainable Development Goals Programme SDG6 Hub: Clean Water and Sanitation

In this hub Springer Nature highlights contributions in our books, journals and magazines towards SDG6 progress: in technological and systems approaches to water management, in studies of rural and urban contexts and of pathways of infectious diseases from ambient organisms, in the social understanding of ethnic disparities in access, and much more. We hope these resources provide insights and inspiration for those committed to these goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals Programme SDG5 Hub: Gender Equality

Springer Nature publishes primary research, policy and opinion pieces on the myriad of manifestations of gender inequality, placing us uniquely in a position to disseminate information, facilitate communication and enable change. This hub brings together a curated collection of content on SDG5 and provides an invaluable resource for scholars, policy and decision makers.

The Sustainable Development Goals Programme SDG16 Hub: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

SDG16 promotes a world that ensures equal access to justice for all by developing transparent and inclusive institutions of global governance and protecting fundamental freedoms. Research plays a key role in supporting the development of public policy and in promoting a better way forward. For this hub, Springer Nature brings together cutting-edge research on law, politics, criminology, public policy and more, looking to a future that builds peaceful, just and strong societies and institutions.

The Sustainable Development Goals Programme SDG2 Hub: Zero Hunger

Research that can help deliver insights and solutions towards the reduction of hunger, as targeted by SDG 2, is a major publishing focus of Springer Nature’s SDG Programme, whether in biotechnology or in geography, whether in agronomy or in economics, whether in nutrition or in international law. This hub presents a selection of books, journals and magazines content that highlights our commitment to addressing SDG 2.

The Sustainable Development Goals Programme SDG10 Hub: Reduced Inequalities

Springer Nature’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Programme aims to connect the researchers who are tackling the world’s toughest challenges with the practitioners in policy and business who desperately need those insights to achieve their goals in improving the world, by making our publishing activities more visible. To better achieve SDG 10, Springer Nature has here collected a selection of our published content from across disciplines, format and imprint related to reducing inequalities.

Egmont Social Compliance Programme

In 2005, Egmont, a Danish publisher, implemented the Egmont Social Compliance Programme to ensure that all suppliers respect human rights and safeguard the salary conditions and safety of their workers. The programme includes, for instance, the mapping of manufacturers; their health and safety assessments, social audits, and their compliance to the Egmont code of conduct. The resulting information, along with a report of their CO2 emissions has been compiled into a report.


PublisHer started as an informal group in 2018, when industry leaders Bodour Al Qasimi of the IPA and Maria Pallante of the Association of American Publishers launched a network to promote women’s role in shaping leadership in the publishing business. The group seeks to focus on how exclusion and gender bias affect women in their careers and impacts on content and diversity in books, and how diversity and inclusivity can be prioritized in the publishing industry.


As part of their PROSE award, the Association of American Publishers donates hundreds
of copies of books, written by award nominees, to colleges and universities. Up to 400
academic and professional books are given to various colleges and universities following
the announcement of the annual PROSE award winners.