Category: Decent work and economic growth

The Spare Room Project

The Spare Room project was established in 2016, and aims to help lower the financial and housing barriers that prevent young people from entering the British publishing industry. It works to match interns from outside London with publishers who have a room to spare, thus providing them access to opportunities. This makes it possible to recruit new people who may not have the economic resources to pay for expensive London accomodation.

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Egmont Social Compliance Programme

In 2005, Egmont, a Danish publisher, implemented the Egmont Social Compliance Programme to ensure that all suppliers respect human rights and safeguard the salary conditions and safety of their workers. The programme includes, for instance, the mapping of manufacturers; their health and safety assessments, social audits, and their compliance to the Egmont code of conduct. The resulting information, along with a report of their CO2 emissions has been compiled into a report.

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Principles of Publishing

“Our Principles of Publishing” document prepared by TPA aims to support the publishing industry and its stakeholders to accept and apply the stated principles to achieve common nominators of more equal individuals and institutions in terms of race, color, ethnic origins, age, religion, beliefs, disability status, gender, sexual identity, and sexual orientation. It also sets the rules for professional conduct.

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